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Call for papers

The International Association for Statistics Education (IASE) is pleased to announce that their 8th Satellite Conference to the World Statistics Congress will be a joint conference with the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) and will be held in Macao between the 22nd and 24th August, 2013.

The overall theme of the Satellite conference is 'Statistics Education for Progress'. On Friday 23rd August, the conference will be under a special theme 'Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official Statistics', bringing together IASE and IAOS participants to focus on Official Statistics in conjunction with education and youth.

All submissions addressing the overall theme 'Statistics Education for Progress' and the special theme on 'Youth and Official Statistics' are welcome. It is recognised there will be overlap and the programme committee will make sure all presentations are placed appropriately and in consultation with presenters.

'Statistics Education for Progress' topics could include:-

  1. Building upon successful projects
  2. Enthusing youth
  3. Enthusing teachers
  4. Statistical improvements in the workplace
  5. Big data and statistics education
  6. Statistical education using advanced technology
  7. Statistics and social networking

'Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official Statistics' topics could include :-

  1. Official statistics resources for school or tertiary education
  2. Disseminating official statistics into the real world of youth
  3. Training young statisticians
  4. Educational uses of youth statistics
  5. Collaboration in statistical education by academia and official statistical organisations
  6. Educating the general public through the dissemination of official statistics

Your abstract may be accepted for either an oral or poster presentation.

Participants who would like to present their research at the Conference are requested, in the case of a presentation related to 'Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official Statistics', to submit their abstract to Sharleen Forbes and, in the case of a presentation in the area of 'Statistics Education for Progress', to Brian Phillips Questions of a general nature about the Satellite should be directed to Tae Rim Lee, the Conference and programme chair.

Abstracts of 250-350 words should be submitted as e-mail attachments to the appropriate contact, with the subject line IASE/IAOS 2013 abstract (your surname). Abstracts should include the names and affiliations of all authors and a contact address (including e-mail and fax) for the proposed presenter. Please indicate whether you want to be considered for an oral presentation, a poster or either. An optional refereeing process for papers is offered. Acceptance of the abstract is conditional on at least one of the authors giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference.

The language of the conference is English.


Conference and Programme ChairTae Rim Lee
fax: 82 2 3668 4204
General theme: Statistics Education for ProgressBrian Phillips
Statistics Education for Progress: Youth and Official StatisticsSharleen Forbes
fax: 0064 4 931 4046


Abstract submission10th February 2013
Acceptance notification25th February 2013
Submission of papers to be refereed 6th April 2013
Referee reports20th May 2013
Final refereed papers28th June 2013
Other papers, posters, presentations for the proceedings30th September 2013

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