SPoC Judging 2012

SPoC Judging 2012 The SPoC team (Dr Brad Payne of Conker Statistics, together with Dr Jenny Freeman and Dr Eleanor Stillman* of The University of Sheffield) were pleased to have the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, Professor Paul White, to help with the difficult task of selecting the winners from the high standard of poster entries  (* not shown in picture).

2012 saw more regions participate in the challenge including many schools from East Anglia. As always there were a great number of entries from Yorkshire covering a variety of investigation topics. The Olympics featured in many of the posters together with a variety of cross curricular themed investigations. Of particular interest was a study titled "Do children go to bed later on weekends than on weekdays?". Based on a survey of 40 children the results clearly showed a different pattern in bed times with 8.00pm being the most popular mid-week bedtime and 9.00pm being the most popular weekend bedtime.